Potting, coating and encapsulation polymers for resistorsMaster Bond potting, encapsulation, coating compounds offer superior electrical insulation properties and protect resistors from chemicals, solvents, moisture, contaminants, corrosion, dust, dirt, extreme temperatures. These epoxy, silicone systems feature high dielectric strength/electrical resistivity. Durable, long lasting compositions are available in low viscosities for convenient meter-mix dispensing in high volume production applications. Products are solvent free, ROHS compliant, flow readily and fill cavities/voids without air entrapment.

Job proven, cost effective formulations are used for variable/fixed resistors in a variety of shapes/sizes. This extends from carbon film to metal oxide film to wire wound resistors to potentiometers to special devices such as thermistors. They are employed in precision processing machines, motor controls, sensing devices, audio equipment, navigation systems, generators, pumps, ovens, fans, refrigerators. These passive components reduce current flow, divide/limit voltage, guard against sudden surges to ensure reliable performance for electrical networks/electronic circuits.

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Select compositions resist vibration/shock, cure rapidly at room/low temperatures, have high Tg, low ionic content and exceptional thermal conductivity for heat dissipation. Special environmentally friendly non-halogen filled systems meet UL94V-0/UL94V-1 standards for flame retardancy. Low stress silicone materials prevent cracking/fracturing under severe thermal cycling and have superior aging characteristics. Clear/opaque grades are aesthetically attractive, provide structural integrity and will not develop leak paths due to shrinkage. Additionally Master Bond has placed a heavy emphasis in developing new compounds to keep pace with evolving emerging technologies.