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One and two component adhesive systems are formulated to polymerize quickly and develop sufficient "green strength" so mated surfaces can be safely handled. These high tack products prevent separation, creep, slipping of parts during production. In many cases parts can be repositioned before solidification. Attempts to adhere surfaces too late in this process will result in unsuccessful bonding.

Fast fixturing and positioning allow engineers design flexibility and efficient speed processing. Holding parts without using expensive rigs and fixtures simplifies assembly. Racking/stacking parts is not necessary and the need for floor space is minimized. Inventory is reduced, labor costs are lowered and shipping cycles are shortened.

Careful attention to rate of bond strength development is necessary when using fast setting adhesives. Proper adhesive selection is dependent on adherends, stresses and environments. A wide array of Master Bond epoxy, polyurethane, elastomeric, cyanoacrylate and UV cure adhesives achieve swift handling strength after intimate substrate contact. Solidification occurs from a chemical reaction generated by chemical catalysts, UV light exposure, heat, solvent evaporation etc. Cyanoacrylates can fixture metal, rubber, ceramic, glass and most plastics within 15 seconds at ambient temperature. In many cases automated meter, mix and dispense equipment is used to apply highly reactive two component systems. These compounds frequently create heat generation which can effect volumetric shrinkage.

From portable electronic devices to appliances to precision instruments to auto parts to heavy machinery manufacturing fast setting products serve the needs of production line assembly operations. Products are employed for fixturing many dissimilar substrate combinations including:

  • Neoprene to zinc
  • ABS to aluminum
  • Glass to iron
  • Steel to PEEK
  • Ceramic to aluminum
  • PC to titanium

Master Bond superior "green strength" one component surface mount adhesives are used in PCB applications to maintain component orientation. High speed dispensing of small, non-slumping, non-stringing surface mount adhesive dots results in increased yields.

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